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The specific type of dry eye often will determine the type of treatment your eye doctor recommends to give you relief from your dry eye symptoms. In most cases, however, dry eye discomfort after LASIK is temporary and resolves within a few weeks of the procedure.

There might be another cost associated with children using smartphones besides a large monthly bill from the phone company — it could be causing kids to develop dry eye disease at an early age. The researchers examined schoolchildren from grades 1 through 6 for signs of dry eye disease. They also had the children and their parents complete a questionnaire concerning the types of video devices the children commonly used computer, smartphone and television and the amount of time they spent using each device. Data regarding the amount of time the children spent outdoors also was gathered.

Overall, a total of 6. Children living in an urban setting were more likely than children in rural settings to have DED 8. The rate of smartphone use was When evaluated by age, 9. Also, the amount of time children spent using smartphones was longer in the DED group, compared with children without dry eye. After the children with dry eyes stopped using their smartphones for 4 weeks, both their subjective symptoms and objective signs of dry eye improved. The study authors concluded that smartphone use in children was strongly associated with pediatric dry eye disease.

Older-grade students in urban environments had the greatest risk factors and prevalence of DED. The authors also pointed out that signs and symptoms of dry eyes improved when smartphone use was discontinued, and that increased outdoor activities appeared to be protective against pediatric dry eye disease. The only way to know for sure if you've got chronic dry eye syndrome is to have your eye doctor perform one or more dry eye tests during an eye exam. Symptoms alone are poor predictors of the presence and severity of dry eye disease. Symptoms can vary significantly from person to person, and may even be affected by personality type.

Some people with only minimal or mild dry eyes may feel their eyes are very bothersome, while others may have significant dry eye problems and not consider their symptoms significant enough to see an eye doctor or they may not experience dry eye symptoms at all. Only a careful examination of your eyes by an eye doctor can reveal the presence and severity of dry eye syndrome and help your doctor determine the best type of dry eye treatment to keep your eyes healthy, comfortable and seeing well.

Thankfully, there are effective treatment options if you suffer from chronic dry eye. In many cases, routine use of artificial tears and minor behavioral modifications taking frequent breaks during computer use, for example can significantly reduce dry eye symptoms. In other cases, your eye doctor might recommend prescription eye medications and in-office procedures to help your body create and secrete more tears and to decrease eye irritation and inflammation.

That had replaced the idea of the gospel, as the Scriptures have revealed it and as the church has understood it, for two millennia. The way you see this play out most frequently is around the ideas of felt needs as opposed to ultimate needs. God cares about felt needs. I never want to talk about felt needs as though he does not care about them.

So if you talk about felt needs, I think the two broadest categories of felt needs would be money and relationships. Those are where our felt needs actually play out. Relationship might be a significant other or a spouse. Relationship could be our friends. Relationship could be our children. Money could be everything from our jobs to our careers to our debt load to our aspirations of ownership.

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All of those things are felt needs. I got sick last week. It has happened 3 times in my 16 years here. I might, but just read and jot down some notes. They just make terrible gods. The lie you and I tend to believe is that if I could right all my relationships and if I could with my money hear under money: career, stuff, aspirations. All of that. Let me quote David Powlison. This is why I picked this quote in particular.

Jesus and the church exist to make you feel loved, significant, validated, entertained, and charged up. This gospel ameliorates distressing symptoms.

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It makes you feel better. The logic of this therapeutic gospel is a Jesus-for-Me who meets individual desires and assuages psychic aches. That sounds awesome. I read that.

Chennai oil spill: planning, assessment and action inadequate

I want that. I want my angst to be relieved. I want that fear of boredom, that relentless wondering if I am enough to vanish. Verse But Jesus on his part did not entrust himself to them, because he knew all people and needed no one to bear witness about man, for he himself knew what was in man. This text just said there were men and women who believed in Jesus, but Jesus, in turn, did not entrust himself to them. That word entrust is the same word we read in regard to belief. So the text literally says these men and women believed in Jesus when they saw the signs, but Jesus, because he knew everything, in turn, did not believe in them.

There is a kind of belief that Jesus does not accept as saving belief.

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So he unpacks what that is in the text. Thank God. Is my belief valid? Am I in? Am I beloved?

Inadequate Synonyms, Inadequate Antonyms |

Am I…? You can see it right out of the gate. Jesus does a miracle. He does a sign. He provides for felt needs. He creates food out of nothing for everyone to eat. He heals diseases. He restructures bad relationships. It always uses the word sign.

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Because a sign points to something other than itself. The sign is meant to point at something. The kind of belief that is not saving belief is when we believe that we can make God our errand boy to get us what we really want rather than to be our Lord and Savior. They loved the signs. In fact, this morning I was right up here praying with our staff. I almost yelled out loud. Then the pain was gone, and I actually cancelled my surgery for next Tuesday. That happened to point to the beauty and grandeur of Jesus Christ. Not even for the healing of the sister, who God loves deeply.

He loved her deeply even in her pain. The reason why I say both the miraculous and then the everyday is because if we go back to these felt needs, these felt needs when a heart is gladly surrendered to Jesus being enough, become a sign of the power of Jesus in the life of a believer that commends his glory to the lost world. You will put a weight on them that they cannot bear.

It cannot bear it. Wives, if the expectation is that your husband makes all your internal angst go away, you will be disappointed, frustrated and angry all the days of your life. You are my Lord.

Parental Expectations

Then I can live a life of what the Bible would call hilarious generosity.