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He closed his window and, motionless in front of the only armchair, he saw women everywhere, in the depths of the walls, standing on his bed, languidly waving their arms. No, he would not kill himself. At forty a man is still young and can, if he perseveres, become rich. Henri Duchemin dreamed of supplicants, of owning houses, of freedom.

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But once his imagination had calmed down, it seemed the disorder of his room had grown, in contrast as it was with his reveries. In Another Friend , a poor man is befriended by a wealthy stranger. The poor man imagines that he has met someone, finally, who will be an understanding friend, only to discover that the stranger collects poor people and gets some strange satisfaction from giving them a meal and listening to their tales of woe.

An automobile on its way to Les Halles passed very close to us. In the pure, freezing air, it left such a circumscribed scent of vegetables that when we took one step to the side, we could not smell it any more. In the middle of the sleeping city, beneath the sky, we were alone. The moon had disappeared. And without it, as if they lacked a leader, the stars seemed to be in disarray.

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Nothing exists for her. She sees all of life through me. Is this woman a saint? Or has she honed her manipulative skills to a fine point? Or is she merely holding her own in this relationship in which the narrator completely underestimates the female sex? In Is it A Lie? You had to sleep somewhere, after all. So I leave Le Printemps. Who do you think? In Mr. To be less alone with her lie, she wanted to make her husband participate in it.

Bove is not a first tier writer—well at least not for this book.


Some of the narrators, who suffer from a sameness in tone, ramble, repetitively before getting on with their stories. Ultimately the women here are the tough ones—they survive and move on leaving their men wondering just what went wrong.

Filed under Bove Emmanuel , Fiction. Sometimes, being underestimated is an asset It reminds me of Cheese by Elschott. I wonder if Emmanuel Bove would have written the same stories before WWI and the place it gave to women to replace absent men. I read that Colette helped promote him. Yes, short stories appeal occasionally. It is interesting that it is the women who seem to come out with the advantage in all of these stories. But perhaps the blurb meant that the male author puts his characters in much the same position as Rhys puts her female ones — always on the outside trying to work out the secrets of the inner world of the other sec that is so much more powerful.

From the stories you describe it seems the theme of being the outsider is quite a strong one. It sounds like another great find from NYRB.

Henri Duchemin and His Shadows

I keep seeing this on the shelf at one of my favourite stores. Your review has me even more intrigued. Thank you. It sounds brutal, in a very quiet way. Are the stories individually each fairly short? I got that vibe somehow.

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My biggest complaint would be that some of the voices sounded the same. My favourite: Is it a Lie? Some of the other stories had the lost, aimless characters rambling a bit before getting into the meat of their stories. I also enjoy concision in short stories.

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He had been publishing popular novels under the pseudonym Jean Vallois for several years when Colette helped him publish the novel Mes amis under his own name. He continued publishing successful novels until World War II, at which time he was forced into exile in Algeria. He died of heart failure soon after returning to Paris from exile.

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She teaches literary translation in the French department of Yale University and is the managing editor of Yale French Studies. She lives in Brooklyn. He lives in Brooklyn. Subscribe now to be the first to hear about specials and upcoming releases. South Pacific. Title Author. Henri Duchemin And His Shadows. Add to Basket Add to Wishlist. Bove also shows himself a master of marginalization and fragmented relationships An elegant translation of dark, brooding, and disturbing little narratives.

Kirkus Reviews One of the best novelists to emerge in France during the interwar years.

HENRI DUCHEMIN AND HIS SHADOWS by Emmanuel Bove , Alyson Waters | Kirkus Reviews

The Review of Contemporary Fiction The writing is so clear, so modest, and yet not at all modest. It s a form of writing that doesn t exist before him, nor since. It s like drawing with very clear lines. Author's Bio Emmanuel Bove was a French journalist and novelist. This preview is indicative only.