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  1. Project MUSE - Literature and the Politics of Family in Seventeenth-Century England (review)
  2. Fights, booze and murder: Julie Myerson’s favourite family gatherings from literature
  3. Renaissance Quarterly
  4. Julia L. Mickenberg

We meet the March family just before Christmas of Mother March — Marmee — works sewing Union Army uniforms. Her year-old daughter Meg is a governess to a wealthy family and her year-old sister Jo is a companion for a rich old relative. Beth, who is 13, has severe social anxiety and is home-schooled, while year-old Amy attends a school of modern mean-girlness.

Project MUSE - Literature and the Politics of Family in Seventeenth-Century England (review)

The family employs a cook who does all kinds of household work, but the Marches share the chores. The house is big enough, though shabby, for the family has been genteelly poor since Mr March lost all his money in an unwise loan to a friend; moreover he has volunteered as a chaplain in the Civil War, and is far away in camp.

There are a few glimpses of a harsher world outside, as in the opening, when Marmee inspires the girls to give their Christmas breakfast to the children of a destitute immigrant three of whom later die of scarlet fever offstage , but Alcott pulled a quilt of cosiness — a comforter, as the Americans say — over the Marches.

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This story for adults is based on her struggle to earn a living in a precarious economy, and describes how she was reduced to suicidal despair by alternating spells of drudgery and unemployment. Bronson Alcott was painted as an undereducated educational reformer who followed Rousseau-esque progressive notions, but was unable to manage a school.

An abolitionist and extreme vegetarian, he even abjured manuring arable land, wearing wool and eating root vegetables, because they ignobly grew downwards. Affecting to live without money, he borrowed it whenever possible.

Fights, booze and murder: Julie Myerson’s favourite family gatherings from literature

His voice was loud, his word law. When Abigail came into a small inheritance Bronson took out another loan and bought the first of two houses in Concord, Massachusetts on which Alcott based the March home. He continued to teach, preaching selfless perfection while being both selfish and a failure, and giving TED-type talks which tended to charismatic, new agey nonsense — not for nothing had he started out as a travelling salesman. Lu Xun is perhaps one of the most prominent Chinese writers of the twentieth century.

Renaissance Quarterly

The story was written in Vernacular Chinese, and it has become representative of the New Culture Movement in the country in the early twentieth century. Indeed, scholars of Chinese literature have described it as the first modern short story to appear in the country. The writer continued to author texts through the s, and he taught in several university positions. By the early s, he became strongly opposed to the Kuomintang of China and its strict censorship laws. Lu died in , and Mao Zedong praised the writer posthumously. While Lu Xun rejected traditional Chinese form throughout much of his career, less than fifty years later Mo Yan returned to older Chinese literature and oral traditions from the country to discuss contemporary social matters in his fiction.

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His path to intertwining fiction and contemporary Chinese politics began decades earlier, however. The writer published his first short story in , and he became globally acclaimed when his first novel Red Sorghum was published. The novel, which has since been adapted into an award-winning film by Zhang Yimou, traces three generations of the Shandong family from the s through the s.

watch Contemporary Emigration and the Works of Xiaolu Guo. The fiction writer grew up in a village in southern China, where she was a young schoolgirl during the Tiananmen Square protests.

Julia L. Mickenberg

Her brother went on hunger strike during the protests, making him the second generation in her family to engage in acts of political resistance. Guo moved to London in , and she began making films and writing.

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