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Even minor publications have staff to check such obvious fraud. Historians frequently argue that an outlet for population overflow is required for a country's economy to prosper. But we need look no further than our own shores to find counter-evidence: Cuba has long been able to rid itself of its surplus population by sending people here, and yet its economy has done quite poorly.

It mistakenly interprets the historians to be claiming that a factor that guarantees, rather than is necessary for, a result. It uses an analogy that ignores an important distinction between the things being compared. It attacks a view by calling into question the character of the supporters of that view. Click here to review full answers and explanations to these LSAT practice questions.

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Want to kick off your LSAT prep with practice questions on the go? No problem. He places fourth in horseback riding. He places fourth in ice skating. He places the same in both horseback riding and ice skating.

What's Tested On the LSAT: Logic Games - Kaplan Test Prep

He places the same in both horseback riding and swimming. He places higher in horseback riding than in swimming. Jason places both first and second. Jason places both first and third. Jason places both second and fourth. Jason places both second and fifth.

LSAT Logic Games basics

Jason places both fourth and fifth. The above argument assumes that: A. Even if your reading comprehension level will remain more or less the same, there are skills that you can practice, develop, and refine that will help you improve on this section.

Fortunately for your practice, there is a general theme linking these ideas together: they all relate to the passage as an argument. Nearly every passage that has ever been on the LSAT features at least one argument and the skills that you need to work on all relate to tracking various parts of those arguments. The first skill is simply identifying how many arguments are made in the passage.

To keep track of the number of arguments, we recommend making a little note in the margin of the passage where a new viewpoint is introduced. You should keep track of evidence proffered in favor of these viewpoints with more annotations.

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But more than just reciting what the evidence says in your notes, your annotations should reflect how the evidence supports the view. Is it an example that illustrates the more general claim? Marking how evidence supports a viewpoint will not only help you answer questions about the specific details in the passage, but also questions about the role played by certain parts of the passage. These are the skills that you need to hone as you work on reading comprehension.

Improving requires a lot of time and energy, especially competing as you are with your hardwired reading habits. These clues will reveal how many viewpoints are present in the passage, which view the author supports, how the evidence supports the views presented, and so on.

3 Essentials for LSAT Logic Games - Diagramming Strategies

This is, to a significant extent, how you improve on the LSAT. Facility with a consistent and reliable approach will allow you to answer anything on the LSAT with accuracy, speed, and confidence. Having taught for Blueprint for almost 4 years, he has helped countless students improve their LSAT score.

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LSAT Analytical Reasoning (Logic Games) Tutorial

Repeat, repeat, repeat Once you develop a consistent system to attack each game, improving will require a lot of practice. The unfortunate reality Students following that typical line of reasoning are half right.

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The next skill is to identify how these viewpoints are supported. This also requires a lot of practice These are the skills that you need to hone as you work on reading comprehension.