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Joined Sep 15, Messages 5. I've read some of these and they are an easy read. Robbins - these were all good. He has a few more that I've yet to read. Smith - these are are series of books about an RAF group - good series, the movie was based on the first book Leo Kessler is the author of way to many to list. This is actually Charles Whiting, he has over WW2 novels under this pen name.

I'll have to look through my bookcases for more good ones. Joined Dec 20, Messages 1. I'm 46 and read many of Sven Hassels books when I was 11 or They belonged to my elder brother and I had a voracious appetite for reading.

The horror was often made more easy to stomach because of the matter of fact often jokey approach Sven and the boys took to it. The humour was hilarious at times and I feel the books be they fact or fiction were excellent and entertaining. Start at the beginning and read all you can. Reading is a dying art and many brains are suffering for it!!! Joined Mar 9, Messages 2, Same here,my dad used to read them , so one day I picked one up - and couldn't put it down until I'd finished! Some seem to be grittily realistic , others are more like Commando comic books. But it is refreshing to get the the German perspective on what was happening - if nothing else , emphasisng the fact that not all German soldiers were Nazis.

The Ace Scottish Roman.

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Joined Jun 6, Messages 4, Location Aye. Have a dream! Yeah, I went through a phase of his stuff during my nihilistic mid-teens, Tiny, Porta, the Little Legionnaire merde aux yeux and the Old Man certainly made an impression. I wouldn't say it's good writing, but it's certainly vivid, if a bit gory. Stig Member. Joined Mar 11, Messages I have read most of his books. The first one reminded me a little of Remarque.

The rest are written for my fun and his money.

WikiZero - Sven Hassel

But OK, they are quite entertaining. Joined Jul 4, Messages 1. Whether 'Wheels of Terror' is a factual biography like the former mentioned is probably not entirely true. However, this book is tremendous and great read with an off the cuff style. As I said, whether it is true in the biography sense, maybe not. I unconditionally believe that each one of the incidents and chapters described and expressed in "Wheels of Terror" had at one time or another, probably multiple times, occured on Germany's Eastern front.

And that fact, reading and understanding the atrocities of war and how desperate of an act it should be considered, should be, to me, what counts. I am sure they did with different names, and a different group of lost komrads. Note: You have to really be in to WW2 books to like this. It should not be your first read if you are just starting to learn and read about the subject.

Sven Hassel

Hope this helps anyone who is considering it. Joined Jun 28, Messages 2, Sven Hassel is good but he does get a bit repetitive at times. The first tells the sory of the author who as a sixteen year old in joined the German army and ended up in the elite Gross Deucthsland sp division.

It is a harrowing story about the war on the Russian Front.

The second is about a machine gun battalion of the Finnish army in WW Patrician much obliged, indeed. Joined Sep 19, Messages 54 Location Facultas iuridica. I have read a few of his books some years ago and all I can say is not bad. There are lots of comic situations, touchy moments, exaggerations and combat. Of those I have read. We still did not know what we were there for. We could hear.

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Why describe it? Anyway, we were interrupted in the middle of it all by Carl suddenly saying: "Let me see your armpit. You haven't a blood group marking have you? We went with them as far as the bend. There they began chanting a psalm. The sun came out. It was as though God for a moment had looked down from his heaven. The Americans were standing on the parapets of their positions staring at the strange procession. On our side, paratroopers and tank gunners rose out of their positions. Someone ordered: "Remove helmets!

We all removed our helmets and stood with heads reverently bowed. The last we saw. All at once he found himself holding just the arm. For a moment he was at a loss. Then he gave the hand a shake: "Good luck, old fellow. Never meant to pull your paw off! Porta was gazing avidly at the corpse's long black officer's boots.