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  1. Edited by Phil Zuckerman and John R. Shook
  2. Afghan resistance to secular education has a long history
  3. Why NY Jewish schools are joining fight against increasing secular education | The Times of Israel

Hi Michael. I am in a fortunate position to comment. My parents are from different religious backgrounds. Mum is Anglican and Dad was a Hindu. They both brought us up to be non-judgemental and critical. Our schools were without religious bias and we had a simple prayer at assembly each morning. I am now 59 years old and a school teacher for the past 37 years. I teach children that are diverse in their worship and belief. Most are African and do participate in ancestral worship.

I do not have the heart to judge them as they are all gifts to our world. I agree wholeheartedly with your thinking and comment on the situation. We should NOT condemn, disrespect or force any religion on anyone. As I am embarking on telling Saint stories to children of the 2nd grade in my Public Charter Waldorf School in the United States, I am referring this article to the parents in my class.

It has been my experience that these stories are beneficial for children at this developmental stage not only from a social standpoint but as a way to feed their growing development as human beings. I would appreciate comments about how I can justify my secular reason for telling these stories to seven year old children from a secular place.

Thanks in advance. You could also tell them stories about people of all religions and none who have done good things, without reference to what people believe happened to them after they died.

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Martinez should receive censure for stating this. Evolution was a theory and my understanding is that evolution is now scientific fact for which considerable amounts of evidence exist. Thanks for this answer, which is mainly how I have begun to tell the stories.

Edited by Phil Zuckerman and John R. Shook

Children love the stories, not only that they are good tales but also these stories carry elements of human qualities that do not exist in the same way as other stories from our ancestry. What better ethics can be offered than through literature, where children can discover exemplars like Atticus Finch? Indeed, the idea that ethics volunteers are filling a moral vacuum devalues the moral values our public teachers imbue in students every day. In it, you will see that our national curriculum does not share multiple stances on, for example, bullying, honesty, tolerance and multicultural inclusion.

In any competition between food and poison, poison once ingested will win. Humanists should support that promise and not accede to religion in our schools. We seek this accountability so that children are educated on various ethical and religious stances in a non-sectarian environment.

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Children are being told by motivated volunteers their little gay friends will die in Hell, that abstinence rather than sexual education is the only morally effective means of preventing disease, and so on. We understand the desire to ameliorate the social evils of religious indoctrination in our schools.

Afghan resistance to secular education has a long history

Why do our education departments place an emphasis on qualified teachers in the subjects of mathematics, science, literature? Have school inspectors oversee them? Why a curriculum at all? At a time when literacy and numeracy levels, and competency in languages which do build and bind our common community, are falling in Australia relative to other countries globally, teachers need more than ever each valuable hour in the curriculum to ensure our children have the best chance of an educational future.

Our children deserve no less than professional experts, people who are passionate about education and who are trained in education. In preparation for tomorrow's activities my girl picked up a piece of equipment that was then snatched away from her by another child who said "I'm using this tomorrow, and you're not here in the morning so you don't get to set up". My daughter stated point blank that she was being disadvantaged because she did not share the other girls religion.

At which point the other girl walked away. I'm glad we have been discussing coping strategies for bullying recently. Gotta love that christian love. This is from a while back, but it's well written and I love the picture, so for the newer members Events such as the Christchurch massacre have sparked a fresh conversation over religious studies in our school system.

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Hi all, Hey we are in the process of looking at intermediate schools for our son, does anyone have a link to the results of the last SEN national survey on religion in schools? I know there used to be a database available here somewhere but cannot find it.

Why NY Jewish schools are joining fight against increasing secular education | The Times of Israel

I just want to check and see if there are any points of difference in the policies for the schools we are looking at so that can also inform our choice. So have we seen this new 'branding'?

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