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Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Jul 25, Katherine Magyarody rated it it was amazing.

“Envelopes of Air”

I loved this series as a ten year old, and twenty years later my appreciation has only deepened. In following English war-evacuees Nora and Gavin's struggles integrating into wartime Canadian culture, Pearson masters the art of showing, rather than telling. The Sky is Falling is wonderful in depicting Nora's grief and the limits of her perspective When I read Looking at the Moon as a preteen, I was I loved this series as a ten year old, and twenty years later my appreciation has only deepened.

Looking back, I'm impressed at how delicately Pearson modulates Nora's emotional evolution and her own difficulty in recognizing her attraction to an older boy.

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Pearson also makes clear that Nora's attraction need not end in marriage or even recognition from the boy, Andrew, in order to be meaningful to her growth as a person. Also, Andrew like Gavin is a sensitive portrait of masculinity that rejects violence as a source of strength. The Lights Go On Again shifts the narrative focus to Gavin, who must choose whether he will stay in Canada or return to England once the war ends.

Until the last chapter I didn't know what he would choose and I didn't know what future I wanted for him Also, I admire Gavin for being sensitive and recognizing that sensitivity is neither a weakness nor an excuse for weakness. Mar 25, Natalie rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. I could not put it down. The author did such a good job painting Norah's and Gavin's feelings so that you could relate to their thoughts and actions. I stayed up until 4 a. That is How good it was!!!!!

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I will definitely start it for a third time soon!!!!!! Sep 10, Anica Bueckert rated it it was amazing. I enjoyed reading this book, it was not boring, it didn't drone on about facts but it did include them. Historically accurate, has an even scale of bad and good things happening. Read the book! May 15, Kereesa rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Everyone! Shelves: own , omnibuses , own-softcovers , , signed , canadian-love , fangirling , favorites , friendship , historical. Reading this as an omnibus. Separate reviews will be posted to their individual books and linked back here.

Also just found out my copy is signed???? Surprises happen when you buy things used Review as an omnibus: If you haven't read this one, rectify that immediately. View 2 comments.

Clive James: “The River in the Sky” | The New Yorker

Jul 20, E. Marcon rated it it was amazing. My absolute faves when I was eleven. Jul 22, Andrea O'Brien rated it it was amazing. I loved this trilogy as a teenager.

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It was a nostalgia bomb so I picked it up to read it again. Kit Pearson is one of my favourite authors. Her descriptions appeal to all five senses to really draw the reader into her story and make it come alive. The historical setting of the book is VERY well done. Pearson obviously did her research on the lifestyle of the time, the physical geography and how Canada fit into World War 2. Details such as the titles of popular radio programs or popular comics of the time really add to its air of authenticity.

Guests of War is both a heartwarming and heart breaking trilogy.

Stuck Mojo - The Sky Is Falling (HQ) (with LYRICS)

Pearson navigates not only the trials and tribulations of young adulthood through her two characters but also the added stresses that war guests would have been under as they waited for telegrams and letters from home. The plot is very much alive and constantly moving, the central conflicts are emotional ones. Norah and Gavin deal with the typical adolescent problems while also facing more complex ones. They live in Canada with their foster family for five years and while Norah, who was ten upon arriving, struggles to fit in and cannot shake her homesickness Gavin, who was five when he arrived, is able to settle in well but forgets what it was like to live in England.

These conflicting viewpoints come to an head in the final book. Norah and Gavin are two very different characters. Norah, without an interior monologue, would be very hard to get to know.

The Sky Is Falling

She is never able to shake off the feeling that she does not quite belong in Canada. She loves to explore and have adventures but her cold shoulder could give someone frost bite and she generally runs either hot or cold with very little in between. Still I greatly enjoyed her voice because it was so definitive and everything she felt was so acute.

Gavin, who gives the POV for book three, is very different from his sister. He spends a lot of the first two books as a background character, probably due to his young age, so that is is quite a shock when the third book is from his point of view. Gavin has completely assimilated into Canadian culture and does not remember England. He is more anxious than Norah and often waits for someone else to take charge of the situation. I did appreciate that the characters recognized their own flaws and strengths as well as the flaws and strengths in one another.

I have recommended this book to many people, especially those with an interest in historical fictions. I have recommended it to students as well as teachers and sometimes just to my friends! Sep 13, Yumi rated it it was amazing. A truly amazing story One of my most favourite stories I have ever read A historical fiction book that had an important message. It really stayed in my heart even after I finished reading it. Her parents think living in England is gravely dangerous and sends them away to far away Canada. Norah finds out that living in Canada is challenging far more than she thought.

As she experiences more things, she discovers A truly amazing story As she experiences more things, she discovers a surprising responsibility. It is not only Norah who encounters problems. They travel through many adventures and they change a lot through the book. Near the end, her brother Gavin has to make the hardest decision in his life I really recommend it to everyone, especially girls aged May 09, Maryn rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Young teens, anyone really.

This was my favourite series as a child and I read it many times growing up. I just recently picked it up and re-read it over a couple days, and it had the same wonderful feeling to it now as it did then. As Norah adjusts to new rules and lifestyles, how will Gavin adjust to a life without his mommy? When Norah decides to do something rash, will it change her life forever, or will it make her closer to her host family.

As the first in a series of 3, this book sets the standard very high. It is very emotional and it definitely makes you think about what that would be like. Norah is very easy to relate to in some ways, and it is impossible to not feel bad for Gavin. I loved the way the author stuck to the facts as much as she could, and how realistic the fiction parts were. I did not like that it was so sad. It made me cry for ages. I would recommend this book to all ages. Younger children will look at Norah and see a kindred spirit, while adults will think about how hard it would be for the parents and other adults in this book.

Jan 05, Rebecca rated it it was amazing Shelves: book-group , childrens. This book was chosen by my colleague for my Mother-Daughter book group and I'm incredibly happy she picked it!